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Communique #9 - On the Struggle in Palestine

The killing of two members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in the city of Nablus by Israeli Defense Forces is another act of repressive terror by the Israeli state apparatus against the resistance of the Palestinian masses. It adds to the growing list of Palestinians killed in the past 6 months by an escalating terror campaign in the West Bank, including the dissident journalist Shireen Abu-Aqleh, who was murdered in the street by armed agents of Israeli settler colonialism in May. In response to these killings, there has been an uprising and general strike amongst the workers and oppressed of Nablus, where marchers and resistance fighters now do battle with agents of the oppressive regime.

On this occasion, the Revolutionary Communist Organisation expresses its total solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle, and clarifies its position on this vital question for anti-imperialists and communists. The struggle in Palestine must be understood as a revolutionary class struggle of the Palestinian masses against a settler-colonial state and a major ally of NATO-bloc imperialism. In this struggle, the communists know which side they are on. The State of Israel must be overthrown through revolutionary struggle and mass action of the Palestinian workers.

There is no hope of a “national” solution to the problem of the oppression of the Palestinians. An independent Palestinian nation-state would be little more than a compradot regime of the Israeli state, governed by the same house-broken and compliant agents who currently govern the Palestinian Authority. All talk of a “two-state solution” must be rejected out of hand. Israel and Palestine in practice constitute a single social formation characterised by settler-colonial oppression, the dispossession of the Palestinian peasantry, and the exploitation of Palestinian workers. This is the system that the masses struggle against - a system linked to the organisation of world-capitalism itself. The only acceptable “solution” to the problem of Palestinian oppression is the creation of a democratic, secular, socialist republic in the Levant, the elimination of the special privileges of the settlers, and the socialisation of lands held by the reactionary settler-farmer class, and industry owned by the settler bourgeoisie.

The liberation of the Palestinian masses can only be achieved through the Intifada, and the victory of a communist politics of absolute resistance to the Israeli occupation. No quarter can be given to the national chauvinism of the Israeli labour movement and their stooges - Israeli workers and revolutionaries must throw all their support behind the struggle against the Occupation. Neither can any trust be placed in the shambling national bourgeoisie and petit-bourgeoisie of Palestine, where they exist at all, and their appeals to social unity, collaboration with Israel, or religious chauvinism. Only proletarian, revolutionary struggle against the Israeli state and the world it represents will be victorious.

Crush Apartheid between the hammer of armed struggle and the anvil of mass action! Victory to the Masses of Palestine! Down with Israeli settler-colonialism! Death to Imperialism! Victory to the Intifada! Victory to the Working Class! For a democratic, secular, socialist state in the Levant!

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