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In Our Lifetime.


We are the Revolutionary Communist Organisation. We are a communist pre-party fighting group who seek to organise for the formation of a communist party that can arm the working class for the final confrontation with Capital. Drawn from a variety of political backgrounds and experiences, we are unified by our iron-clad determination to resist the capitalist system and to unify with proletarian resistance wherever it appears.


From our Points of Unity:

We are communists. The capitalist mode of production has brought humanity to the brink of catastrophe. Only the communist movement - the real movement to abolish the present conditions of life and secure a society without the state, markets, classes or money - can save humanity from the tyranny, hunger, poverty, despair, boredom and anxiety of capitalist existence.


We are committed communists, influenced by the vital and critical tradition within Marxism. We are fighting for a revolutionary party, a communist party that can place social, economic, and political struggles on the offensive against capital and the state.


Our organisation is an organisation of militants. That means all of us activiely participate in and contribute to the life of the organisation, struggling together for our common aims. We are a democratic organisation that embraces freedom of debate and dissent, while still be unified by our common cause. We strive to be active in every sphere of proletarian activity, from the street movements to the union drives, while also emphasising theoretical education and internal coherence. We are not tailing the social movements looking for recruits, nor are we opportunists looking for the next chance to turn towards electoral politics. We are in this for the long haul.

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