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Resolution: On the Palestinian Liberation Struggle


  1. The State of Israel is an ethno-nationalist settler-colony, and a loyal client of American-European imperialism in the Levant. While it loudly proclaims its democratic credentials, it is in practice a herrenvolk democracy which excludes minorities from meaningful political activity. From the outset, this state has premised its existence on the ethnic displacement of Palestinian Arabs and other ethnic minorities that dwell in historic Palestine. This state has served as an international beachhead for reaction across the entire region, along with other American-European allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt.

  2. The governing ideological formation in Israel, Zionism, is a reactionary settler-nationalist movement. This movement seeks to constitute a Jewish national identity through a colonial state apparatus and the active liquidation of diasporic Jewish culture and identity. The necessary struggle against anti-semitism can only be carried out by the communist movement: the historical vanguard of the movement to destroy fascism and reaction.

  3. The complete destruction of Palestinian society through decades of occupation and apartheid has led to Palestine being effectively subsumed into the Israeli social order. While formally governed by the comprador Palestinian Authority, Palestine is in effect totally subordinated to Israel economically and politically.

  4. There exists no basis for the formation of a separate Palestinian state. The so-called “Two State Solution” is in fact no solution at all. It would simply formalise Palestine as a bantustan wholly integrated into Israeli capitalism.

  5. The Palestinian national liberation struggle has been forged under the oppression of the Israeli occupiers. It has always, in the first and last instance, been led by Palestinian workers, peasants, and youth. However, this struggle has also become a playground for collaborationists and religious sectarians.

  6. The principled position of communists is for the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat against capital and the states that represent it. For Palestine, such a struggle targets not only the Israeli colonial state, but also the hated Palestinian Authority, the religious sectarians that seek to divide the Palestinian masses, and the world-imperialist system that supports Israeli colonialism to the hilt. 

  7. The Palestinian workers must be supported in wholly taking on the task of overthrowing the hated colonial regime in alliance with the Palestinian peasants and youth. The settler-colonial regime must be crushed between the hammer of armed struggle, and the anvil of mass action. The task of the international communist and workers movement is to provide support and solidarity to the Palestinian liberation struggle for freedom and socialism, and to raise the slogan of a multi-ethnic, secular socialist workers republic in Palestine, and a socialist union in the Levant, Anatolia, Arabia, North Africa, and Iran.

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