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Communique #3 - On May Day, 2022

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation sends its warmest solidarity and comradely greetings to all the workers of the world. Across borders and nations, sex and sexuality, language, sector, and age, the working class of all nations shares a common struggle, a common history, and a common program - that of the revolutionary class war against the rule of capital.

We live at the cusp of a new period in the development of the class struggle. Capital has penetrated all corners of the earth, drawing billions of our siblings into the conditions of wage-labour. Economic crisis, inter-imperialist war, and ecological disaster threaten all the workers of the world, as the forces of capital go on the offensive to drive us forever into wage slavery. Against this assault, workers everywhere are going on the attack. We welcome them, and their struggles, with the heartiest and boldest solidarity!

So on this Workers New Year, let us hope for good fortune in the struggles to come. To all the workers of the world, to factory workers in China and Nigeria, to miners in Spain and the Congo, to the fighters in the hills of Kurdistan and the streets of Palestine, to baristas and waiters in Australia and the United States - solidarity and strength! To all our proletarian siblings, happy International Workers Day!

Victory of the Working Class! Victory to the International Revolutionary Proletarian Struggle! Forward to Communism! Revolution in Our Lifetime!

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