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Communique #2 - On the Invasion of Ukraine

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

On the 24th of February 2022, the Russian military moved beyond its positions in Crimea and the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, and began a general invasion of Ukraine. This craven attack is just another escalation in an inter-imperialist rivalry that threatens to pull all of Easten Europe into the jaws of war. The reactionary regime in Moscow has pulled the trigger on a conflict that could kill many thousands of workers and youth, as well as costing the lives of countless Ukrainian civilians. Make no mistake: this war plays into the hands of the most resolute enemies of the working classes of Europe, be they Russian nationalists and chauvinists of the Putin-Oligarch clique, the fascist paramilitaries that serve the neoliberal client regime in Kyiv, or the NATO imperialists who bay for blood in Washington and Paris.

Communists should have nothing but hatred and bile for the anti-communist regime that props itself up in the carcass of the Soviet Union, that speaks of denazification as it benefits from the support of street paramilitaries bearing fascist symbols and the colours of House Romanov! That spits on the legacy of Bolshevism, and whips up chauvinism towards ethnic minorities all the while securing the rule of the favoured oligarch clique. But to those hypocrites in Washington and Kyiv do not worry, for we have hatred to spare! The President of the United States speaks of democracy and freedom, and opposing criminal wars, when he himself supported the butchering of Iraq! When they strangle peoples with sanctions, keep entire continents in peonage, and pour teargas into the streets against workers and youth at home! The President of Ukraine speaks of freedom and democracy when his own military is staffed by fascist paramilitaries, and pogroms against Roma are commonplace! Enemies of the working class, one and all!

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation stands in firm solidarity with the workers of Ukraine and Russia. Russian troops must be withdrawn, the rights of all regions of Ukraine to self-determination must be upheld, and the masses of workers in Europe must resist being drawn into a bloody conflict. The position of communists is clear and unequivocal - we are opposed to the Russian invasion, we are opposed to NATO retaliation and intervention, and we are opposed to all reactionary, militarist regimes, be they in Moscow or Washington. We are opposed in the last instance to the enemy at home - the NATO bloc imperialists and their allies in Canberra. We are for peace between nations, we are for the acceptance of Ukrainian refugees, and we are for disarmament and de-escslation.

With the decline of American hegemony, the fracturing of the NATO bloc, and the rise of new imperialist powers, the anti-imperialist and anti-war movement must be rebuilt on the basis of proletarian, revolutionary defeatism, and support for global revolutionary struggle against war and empire. If we wish to avoid a repeat of the horrors of the first world war, and the feeding of millions of workers and youth into the jaws of Moloch, we must act now! And to the quislings in red, the so-called socialists and Marxists who advocate for war, be their chosen masters be in Washington or Moscow, know that we remember you. You are scabs and handmaidens to war criminals and imperialists, and the proletarian movement will treat you as such. Now is the time for total faith in the international proletariat, not selling our souls to imperialism. We will not make an empty call for pacifism - if there is to be war, let it be class war, and let it be a total war. Only the class war can ensure peace between peoples - when the red banner of communism flies above Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, Kyiv, Warsaw, and Washington!

No War but the Class War! Death to the Imperialists and their War Ministers, their Profiteers, their Fascist Stooges! Not one dollar, not one man for imperialist war! Neither Washington nor Moscow, but International Proletarian Revolution! Turn the Imperialist War into a Civil War!

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