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Communique #12 - A Small Key Can Open a Large Door

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Iran is being shaken by social unrest. In the west of the Country, inhabited by the Kurdish ethnic minority, workers, women, and youth have taken to the streets demanding the overthrow of the hated theocratic regime: the Islamic Republic. This den of clerical reaction and patriarchal hypocrisy has long been an implacable enemy of the working class - having been born during the abortive revolutionary struggles of 1979. It has butchered thousands of working class militants and communist revolutionaries, as well as persecuting women, homosexuals, and ethnic minorities. It is an enemy of the workers of the world.

Today, it presides over millions of workers and youth in a horrific fusion of feudal superstition, fascistic policing, and capitalist exploitation. This latest wave of protests have been sparked by the murder of a young woman, Mahsa Amini, killed by the hated morality police for her "inappropriate attire". She has now been joined by others, martyred in the struggle against a state all too willing to butcher workers and youth when they challenge its authority. This is not the only recent rising of workers and youth in the country. Earlier this year, strikes by workers in the south of Iran were suppressed by the Iranian state. The workers, women, and youth of Iran are increasingly being placed upon a revolutionary footing by these waves of strikes, struggles, riots, and other militant actions. The masses are losing their fear of the police and the army. The time of reckoning is now fast approaching - in Iran, and around the world.

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation stands in absolute solidarity with these developments. It is the revolutionary struggle of the workers and peasants, of women and youth, of national minorities, that can guarantee the total overthrow of the Islamic Republic, and the establishment of a socialist workers republic in Iran. Iran is the key to a revolutionary wave that can topple wretched and backwards regimes from Pakistan to Algeria.

As world capitalism moves into a period of intense crisis, the workers and youth of Iran are showing the way. The wind that now blows in from the East will shake the barley in Baghdad and Beirut. Down with the Theocrats, the Monarchs, the Capitalists, the Imperialists! Victory to the Workers! Victory to Communism!

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