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Communique #8 - Defend Rojava!

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation extends its unconditional solidarity to the masses of workers and peasants of Rojava resisting intensified Turkish imperialism. The ratcheting up of imperialist attacks on the Rojava revolution throughout 2022 from the reactionary Turkish state headed by the tyrant Recip Tayyip Erdogan is a clear continuation of the historical persecution of the Kurdish people in Anatolia and the Levant and the chauvinist ambitions of Turkish capital.

On the 14th of April, the Turkish army launched an attack on the Kurdish people in Iraq. Following this, the Tyrant declared the intention to occupy a ‘safe zone’ 30 km into Syria from the Turkish border as a thinly veiled pretense for the ethnic cleansing of the numerous minorities under the protection of Rojavan state. This ethnic cleansing is being aided by fascist paramilitaries of the Islamist type, armed and aided by the brute Erdogan. The Turkish state’s primary motives are clear. First is to crush the long-standing resistance of the internal opposition of the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) whom champion Kurdish rights in Turkey and provide a pretext for the ongoing suppression of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and other revolutionary democratic and communist guerrillas. Second is to smooth over the contradictions of the flailing Turkish economy with inflation rates of 170% ravaging pensions and wages. Third, the nationalist Turkish state and bourgeoisie wishes to liquidate the resistance of the Kurdish people and the militant Turkish proletariat with an imperial operation against the Rojavan revolution. The vultures in Ankara want to kill the democratic, feminist revolution in Rojava in its crib, and with it strangle the hopes of the masses across the Middle East and Europe.

This struggle has now extended into Europe as the Turkish state seeks to crush the resistance of Kurds organising in Europe to support their freedom struggle at home. They hope to achieve this by bargaining with NATO to extradite Kurdish organisers in Europe in exchange for approving Swedish and Finnish membership into that gang of vipers, fascists, and imperialist genocidaires. Shamefully the faux ‘socialists’ of the Scandinavian countries have gone hand in hand with Turkish demands in the hope of being admitted into NATO as the obedient children of American and European imperialism. NATO’s hypocritic handwringing over the Russian invasion of the Ukraine is on full display here as they collude with the tyranny of the Turkish state. This cavalcade of imperialists is joined by Australia, who continues to list the Kurdistan Workers Party as a terrorist organisation and persecutes its supporters! NATO Secretary General and butcher-in-chief Jens Stoltenburg's declaration that “…no other NATO ally has suffered more terrorist attacks than Turkey” is all the evidence one needs to deduce the cynical nature of the imperialist bloc as it fights Russia over the dominance of Ukraine. All of these developments have led to the declaration of a state of emergency by the General Assembly of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (the product of the struggles of the Kurdish masses and their allies to establish a democratic council republic) in July 2022.

The RCO calls on the international working class, genuine socialists, and communist organisations to extend their full solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Rojava. All attempts to provide military aid to the Turkish state must be resisted by any means, and international support must be organised for Rojava, including by the organisation and support of international volunteers. It is specifically essential for the class-conscious proletarians of Turkey to resist the Erdogan regimes attacks on the Kurdish people, as an attack on Rojava is also an attack on the proletarians of Turkey! Turks, Kurds and all oppressed minorities of the region must present a working class alternative to the blood thirsty nationalists! Comrades in Europe must help defend Kurdish political exiles from the shameful betrayals of social democrat lackeys of imperialism!

Defend and expand the victories of the Rojavan revolution! Victory to the PKK and the revolutionary masses of Kurdistan and Turkey! Victory to the Fighters! Down with imperialism! Turn the imperialist war into a civil war, a revolutionary war against NATO bloc imperialism and fascistic reaction. For the international friendship of peoples! For the victory of the international working class!

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