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Communique #7 - On the Uprising in Ecuador

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation extends its unconditional solidarity to the masses of workers, peasants, and youth currently rising up against the banker's regime in Ecuador. The government of the capitalists, led by banker Guillermo Lasso, has slashed social supports, dismantled health and education services, and is attempting to drive the masses of Ecuador into increased poverty and desperation. When confronted by these same masses, led by the militant indigenous movement, the cowards in Quito sent their police and military goons to suppress the rising.

The revolutionary masses in Ecuador now face vicious repression as they confront the authority of the state. It is imperative that we offer our solidarity, and recognise the common nature of our struggle: the struggle to destroy the capitalist-imperialist world system.

Down with the Banker-Oligarch clique of Lasso and his American backers! Down with imperialism! Down with capitalism! Victory to the workers, peasants, and youth of Ecuador! Victory to the indigenous people of Ecuador!

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