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Communique #13 - On the Struggle of Chinese Workers

Not for the first time, workers in the industrial heart of China are in revolt, driven into struggle by police repression and systematic degradation of working conditions. These workers, who provide vital labour to feed the world imperialist system and the plutocrats at Apple, via the Taiwanese firm Foxconn, are now heroically showing the way forward: daring to struggle, and daring to win.

As always, the class struggle exposes the truth of things. In the streets outside the Foxxcon plants, we see the police forces of the People's Republic of China clash with striking workers, in order to defend the profits and investments of Taiwanese capital! A firm that is a key part of a world imperialist supply chain! An outrageous scene for a nation-state governed by a nominally Communist Party.

Such scenes of repression, and the exploitation that has created its preconditions, show the truth of the Xi Jinping clique's "shared prosperity" - state management of capitalist exploitation, and state defence of the world imperialist system.

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation stands with the insurgent proletariat of China in its struggle for workers power and a workers republic. It is in the streets where the promise of 1927, of 1949, of 1965, will be fulfilled.

Victory to Red China! Long live the workers struggle! Down with the capitalists and their lackeys, on both sides of the Taiwan Straits! Down with the imperialist world system! For a Chinese Soviet Republic and a World Revolutionary Commune!

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