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Communique #11 - The Queen is Dead

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

"O what mighty Delusion, do you, who are the powers of England live in! That while you pretend to throw down that Norman yoke, and Babylonish power, and have promised to make the groaning people of England a Free People; yet you still lift up that Norman yoke, and slavish Tyranny, and holds the People as much in bondage, as the Bastard Conquerour himself, and his Councel of War."

- Gerrard Winstanley

Down with the Monarchy!

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. Slumping into the grave at the age of 96, this creature of immense wealth and privilege has presided over many millions of the Earth's people for the better part of a century. The Revolutionary Communist Organisation sheds no tears for her passing, and wishes no happiness upon her family and sycophants. Indeed, our only sadness is that old age was able to claim this crowned head before the justice of the revolutionary masses could.

In the course of her reign, Queen Elizabeth presided over the most vast and populous Empire in human history. Under her boot lived countless hundreds of millions of Indians, and Arabs, and Africans, and Irish, and Australians, and Canadians, and Chinese, ruling an Empire that stretched from Vancouver to Hong Kong. This vast "Commonwealth", which in reality is no such thing, was maintained through cunning subterfuge and vicious repression. In the course of her reign, Elizabeth presided over the mass killings of revolutionaries and working people in Kenya and in Malaya, oversaw the genocidal mistreatment of indigenous people from Maralinga to Oka, and dined well off the backs of exploited workers in every nation. She oversaw terroristic repression in Yemen, and in Oman, the starvation and murder of Bobby Sands and other Irish revolutionaries, and the suppression of workers and students in occupied Hong Kong. Her government sent battleships, planes, and soldiers to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Even now, as the British ruling classes parade her putrid corpse through the streets in a grand Spectacle, this creature and her ill begotten spawn exploit the vast masses of British workers who face poverty, hunger, and cold.

In Australia, the death of this malignant Empress has been a source of great outpourings of grief and sorrow from the parasites and cannibals who administer this colony on behalf of capital. Few today, even amongst the "progressive" wing of capital, even amongst the cowardly and parasitic "representatives" of the working class, are willing to reject and denounce this tide of reactionary sentimentality. We are willing. The Revolutionary Communist Organisation had long made its program known: we are the implacable enemies of crowned heads, wealth, and privilege everywhere. We wish nothing more than the liquidation of this gaggle of aristocrats.

Down with the Monarchy! Down with King Charles III! Power to the Working Class! Forward to Workers Republics in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland! Down with the "Commonwealth" of Capital and Reaction! Forward the Commonwealth of Labour!

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