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Communique #1 — On the Insurrection in Kazakhstan

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The Revolutionary Communist Organisation extends its solidarity to the masses of workers and youth in Kazakhstan in their recent insurrection against the nationalist, reactionary Tokayev government. Our struggle is your struggle, and your struggle is our struggle. The guns may have quieted in Nur-Sultan and Almaty for now, but we know that the Kazakh masses are determined, and that their struggle will be victorious in the long run. We hope that the red banner of communism, long trampled under the feet of tyrants like Tokayev and Putin, will soon fly over Kazakhstan, and all of Central Asia, again.

We also join with proletarians and communists from around the world in hoping for all imperialists to be swiftly driven from the country, be they Russian, American, or otherwise. Down with the imperialist intervention against the Kazakh people!

Solidarity, and Victory to the Masses!

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